Brand Development

JUDY CHAPMAN provides a highly sought after end to end client service, specialising in site design, brand and product development, customer experience, impact and reach.Her elite clientele are a who’s who of the most desirable wellness destinations and brands around the world. Best known for creating luxury wellness experiences, Judy is engaged to reimagine brand offerings for hotels, resorts, eco lodges, spas and practitioners across Europe, Asia, Australia and the US. Her impact spans across luxury, urban, regional and small business.

Judy Chapman

‘My passion is to provide accessible, inspiring and affordable wellness through sharing the knowledge. Whether you are a spa, retreat or product brand, I love to develop profitable and sustainable business operations, and the creation of exceptional customer experience,’ Judy Chapman

Award winning Product & Brand Development
First to market in 2000 with her award-winning natural skincare and body range, Sanctum. Judy devoted 7 years to evolving formulations, improving manufacturing processes and designed two flagship stores in Byron Bay and Sydney. Over the last two decades she has developed several organic skincare and wellness brands for hotels, spas, resorts and individuals.

Karma Coconut Oil
Vegan Candle Pouring

Avid Trend Hunter
Judy scours the world to find original paths to wellness through unique remedies, ingredients and modalities. She maintains her thought leadership through a global network of cultural practitioners, travelling to places of origin to study ancient practices at the source, from her studies with Himalayan monks to Japanese Onsen tours. Judy fuses east and west disciplines to innovate treatment menus, creating experiences through Functional medicine, Yoga, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine.

Designing Wellness Spaces
Judy is passionate about showing clients on how to make use of unused spaces, develop empowering partnerships and private retail – all designed to boost revenue. She also loves to create spas on a shoe-string budget.

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Local Treatments

Curating Treatment Sequences
One of Judy’s passions and forte, is assisting spas with enhancing their existing treatments and taking them to the next level. She draws upon her global experience to help curate outstanding treatments with a difference.


Client Testimonials

‘Judy’s working knowledge of spas and the wellness industry is unparalleled. Initially we worked with Judy to help us better our position and market for our Dewa spa as well as innovate our treatment menus. Her creativity and industry knowledge helped improve our business at the spa immensely, we saw revenue profits by 35%. Judy was also instrumental in helping to raise funds for the Tibet House US annual benefit auction from the years 2017-2019 raising approximately $200K. We are now working with Judy Chapman to co-develop ur Tibetan skincare range that will be launched in 2021’ Lynn Schauwecker, Managing Director, MENLA

Karma Spa, Rottnest Island, Australia
‘We worked closely with Judy Chapman to help us re- design our flagship Karma Spa on Rottnest Island. Judy brought an incredible knowledge about the spas and wellness that we were able to successfully introduce into the space – including a Apothecary Bar, localized boutique retail collection as well modern wellness technologies including LED Facials and Infrared Sauna. Judy also helped to develop a private label of candles and scent rituals for the brand. Judy has great skill in identifying and sourcing cutting edge brands that has given our spa a sustainable edge over our competitors. She was able to help us fit out our spa with such elegance and finesse – on a very tight budget! In the first year, our revenues increased by 50% and have continued to increase around 15% annually. Judy continues to help us keep our treatment menu fresh and modern as well as suggesting product and retail partnership suggestions and the latest in wellness technology that keep our spa fresh, exciting and at the frontier.’ Glen Trebilcock, General Manager